How many times have you made the same resolution to change?

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Start Change today. Make your resolution, achieve it the first time, and keep it for life.

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The New Year is here!

Jumpstart your New Year’s resolution!

Start Change is an app that helps you achieve resolutions and keep them for life. Start Change keeps you engaged, motivated, focused and helps overcome obstacles on the path to success.

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Why Start Change?

Engaging, exhilarating experience!

Community, kudos, achievements, games and surprises. Compete. Collaborate. Achieve goals with your family and friends.

Get to your goal faster!

Leverage the science behind successful behavior change to your advantage.

Persist and prevail!

Build and sustain progress, even when you falter. Never give up!

You are in control!

Select your resolution, and leverage tools, resources and support that Start Change offers to achieve your goals.

All you need to achieve your goals this year.

  • Instant Help (SOS)

    If a bad urge hits, immediate help is available for you to stay focused on your goal. Fun immersive games and riddles help distract you from temptations and achieve your goal.

  • Achievements and Celebrations

    Unlock achievements, earn kudos, celebrate the moment, and share the joy with your friends.

  • Progress Visualization

    Easy-to-digest data snapshots highlight your progress and provide a clear visual path to your end goal.

  • Resolutions Plus

    The lessons Start Change learns from one resolution carry over to the next, creating an efficient and effective path to a new improved you.

  • Start Change Community

    You are not alone! Form your own groups or join existing ones for encouragement, advice, or a little friendly competition.

  • Smart Assist

    Start Change takes advantage of data provided by your device like steps and location. Get notified at the right time with the right prompt based on the logic that works best for you.


Overview dashboard

All your resolutions in one place. Support for multiple resolutions.


Distractions when a bad urge hits. Games and riddles.


Compete, collaborate with friends to achieve your goals together!


Celebrate your achievements - big and small! Stay motivated.

Achieve your New Year's resolution this year!


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