Frequently asked questions

How do I earn and redeem points?

You earn 10 points for signup, as well as 10 points for every friend who signs up via the unique link you share. You also earn bonus points upon reaching certain milestones – when 5, 10, or 15 friends you invited sign up.

You will have an exclusive opportunity to redeem your points for exciting rewards.

Is Start Change free?

Start Change is free for life* for the individuals who sign up via this campaign. These include your friends who sign up via your unique link.

The users who sign up later may have the product free for 6 months.

Please note that we may set a limit for the number of individuals eligible for this offer, or discontinue the offer or the campaign at any time. The language on this website will change accordingly in that case.

* indicates the life of the product

How do I refer friends at a later date?

There are two easy ways to access your unique link to invite your family and friends at a later date.

1. Please save the first email we send when you sign up. This has the link to share with your family and friends for them to sign up, along with another link for the update on your referrals and points.

2. Please bookmark the thank you page, which you can return to for the update on your referrals and points, as also to invite more friends at a later date.

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